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Hp None print DVD-R 50s
QMC White Top 52x CR-R
Ritek CD-R 52X FF print 50
Ritek DVD-R 50 pk 16X G05
Ritek FF Print F1 DVD-R 50 pk
Ritek FF Print G05 DVD-R 50 pk
Ritek Print G05 DVD-R 50 - Tub
Silver Shinny 16X DVD-R F1 Dye
TDK Full Face print 8X DL
Traxdata FF Printable 8X DVD R
Verbatim 8X DVD+R DL printable


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52x CD-R matt silver top 50s
AAA Grade CMC Dye DVD-R Media
AAA Grade Printable DVD Media
AOne Cd-R 52 X None Print 25
A-One Full Face CD-R Printable
Arita | Blank CD-R Media | 52X
Arita 8X DVD R Blank Media 50s
Arita Blank CD-R media FF 25x
Arita DVD+R DL 8X per disk
Arita FF Print DVD-R 8X 25 spo
Arita FF Printable DVD-R 50 pk
Arita FF Printable DVD-R 50 pk
Blank CD-R Media disc FF Print
Blank DVD-R media 8X DVD R 50
Blank DVD-R Storage media 16X
Bulkpaq 16X 50 pack DVD-R Oran
Bulkpaq 50 CD-R None print 52X
Bulkpaq DL 2.4X FF Printable
Bulkpaq FF printable DVD-R 16X
CD/DVD Marker pens each
Datawrite 52 x 100 spool CD-R
datawrite 52X CD-R 80 m 50 pk
Datawrite CD-R 52X FF print 50
Datawrite DL 2.4X 8.5 gig FF
Datawrite Dual Layer 8X 8.5 gb
Datawrite DVD-R 16X Gray 50 PK
Datawrite FF DVD-R 16X 50s
Datawrite FF Silver 16X DVD-R
Datawrite FF Silver printable
Datawrite Red 16X DVD-R
Datawrite Reds DL 8.5 gb 8x
Datawrite Yellow 16X DVD-R
Elite M Dual Layer 1 - 8X FF
FLY DATA Ritek G05 Dye DVD R
Fortis FF Print CD-R 52x 50 pk
Fortis FF Print DVD-R 50 pack
Hp FF Printable DVD-R 50
Kodak Blank CD-R Media 52X 50s
Maxell 1 -16X DVD-R 4.7 50
Maxell 2.4 - 8 x DL per disk
Maxell 25 gb Blu-Ray 1-4X FF
Maxell CD-R 80 min 52X 50s
Maxell DVD+R DL Printable
Maxell FF Print CD-R 52X 50s
Maxell Ritek G05 8X Blank DVDR
Media Range DVD+R Silver Top
MediaRange 100 sp 8X DVD-R
MediaRange 8X FF print +R Dual

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There 2 types DVD media, DVD+R and DVD-R, we stock mainly Blank DVD-R Media format as this Media is looked at as being the standard in the blank DVD media market. The DVD-R format has become the widest and most popular used DVD disc format to day.

One of the best and consistent Blank DVDR Media and Blank CDR Media manufacturers is Ritek. When you see a disc with the Ritek brand and G05 dye, you know you are getting very good blank disc's. We have been stocking Ritek Disc's since we first opened our Computer Shop back in 2002, back then you would pay 1 per disc, now you can buy 50 Fly Data blank DVD-R full face printable with Ritek g05 dye for as little as 7.80, but still as good disc as back then.
As a rule the better the dye on the disc, the less chance of failure during the burn process, and less chance of the disc skipping and freezing during play back.

As well as our retail side of the business we also have a long and very well established Laptop, Computer and Apple MacBook and Imac repair centre, in our Hartlepool based computer shop, our repair engineer has over 20 years experience in the IT industry. have a look at our feedback left on Google from some of customers, Platinum Computers Hartlepool, customer satisfaction has been the core to building our excellent reputation since setting up in Platinum Computers in our local Hartlepool Computer Shopin 2002.

If you would like to know more about our Repair services, Laptops Apple Computer and PC repairs have a look at our services left hand side menu.

Special Deals:

Ipod 4 Generation 4 Repair
Toshiba Win 10 Laptop 6gb Ram
10.2 Laptop Screen Replacement
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 LCD

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